Popular (masternode) crypto exchange, Cryptopia has unveiled a rather exciting new look. The team noted that the facelift is just the tip of the iceberg of updates that will be rolling out, noting that: “This is the first of many exciting changes planned for the exchange to deliver on our promise of a fast, secure and customer focused exchange.”

A brief look at the new design and you will agree that it is quite sleek. Users can easily navigate to their favorite coin from the homepage. The revolving logos of various cryptos around the logo of Cryptopia adds a sort of modern feel to the website.


The team is however open to suggestions and has encouraged users to provide feedback on what they think about the new design. Support tickets created for this purpose should be categorized as ‘Exchange’.

In addition to an updated exchange, Cryptopia has made some significant progress in this year. The exchange has upgraded their infrastructure to accommodate more crypto users. They have grown y over 900% between November 2017 and January 2018 and boasts of over 2 million users around the world. For this reason, they have increased their workforce by over 400%.