TomoChain and Lition have entered into a strategic partnership geared towards improving the technology and expanding the markets of both businesses.

While TomoChain is a blockchain that supports the hosting of decentralized applications, Lition is developing a layer-2 sidechain scaling solution which enables privacy and other key features when connected to a mainchain.

Both businesses will collaborate on technical integrations and business development. Lition will be integrating TomoChain as an additional mainnet to deliver its use cases. Additionally, TomoChain and Lition will be joining forces to provide enterprise-based solutions to customers in both Europe (where Lition is based) and South-East Asia where TomoChain is based.

The Co-founder and CEO of Lition, Dr. Richard Lohwasser, commenting on the partnership said:

This partnership really brings together the best of both worlds: Fast transaction execution and finality from Tomochain, with data privacy and deletability for legal compliance through Lition. Together, this solution will offer an even better value proposition for commercial use cases, even in those areas that previously suffered from the drawbacks of Ethereum as our mainchain.