Exciting news for fans and users of TomoChain as the blockchain project gets integrated on Ledger Nano S. The project’s native currency, TOMO coin can now be stored on Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Users will be able to connect to TomoChain services from the hardware wallet.

TomoChain which is trying to tackle Ethereum’s scalability challenges made the disclosure on Twitter and gave an elaborate explanation on how to install the coin’s application on the hardware wallet via a Medium post.

Source: TomoChain Medium

The enhanced security features of hardware wallets in comparison with other forms of digital wallets like mobile, desktop and online wallets, makes it a preferred choice for investors and traders with large digital assets.

TomoChain holders obviously need to have a Ledger Nano S in order to store their assets offline. They also need to have the latest firmware and version of ETH app installed. Accessing the wallet requires a U2F-compatible browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera or Brave.

Users will be able to vote or apply to become masternode holders from Ledger Nano S and TomoMaster.

With this integration, TOMO is now on 5 wallets including TomoWallet, Trust Wallet, MEW, MIDAS wallet, and Ledger.