TomoChain, a blockchain innovative solution aimed at tackling Ethereum’s scalability problem, has announced their partnership with The Georgian National Blockchain Agency (GNBA). The announcement came through an official Medium post by TomoChain.

TomoChain and GNBA will work together to foster the use of blockchain in both private and public sectors in Georgia. One of the primary targets of the partnership is to see how blockchain solutions can be merged with traditional business and financial systems, thus, promoting transparency, efficiency, and profitability.

Speaking on the partnership, one of the co-founders of GNBA, Arten Cherkashyn, stated that:

Together with TomoChain we want to work toward a reality where blockchain is accessible to all, and the local Georgian businesses can make full use of all the benefits it can offer.

GNBA is working towards increased adoption of blockchain solutions in Georgia. The Agency aims to be a blockchain hub for experts, businesses, policymakers, educators, and the general public.

TomoChain’s innovative solution makes it a perfect fit for both small and large businesses. The blockchain supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and atomic cross-chain token transfers. Transactions on the network attract near-zero fees and instant confirmation. The network also boasts of double validation and uniform randomization for increased security and scalability.