As a growing ecosystem, the blockchain technology needs steady pushing and exposure in order to be able to achieve its expectations. With regards to this, TomoChain and Neo have established a strategic collaborative deal that will ensure the constant development of blockchain ecosystem which will be achieved through the exploitation of their respective blockchain abilities.

Pertaining to this collaboration, Kyn Chaturvedi, TomoChain CBDO, excitedly noted that they “are proud to be partnering with Neo on co-ecosystem development."

With the combination of their respective blockchain abilities, TomoChain and Neo's intention is to support the development of quality and efficient projects in both platforms and to grow a healthy blockchain ecosystem which is comprised of a technical talent that views blockchain technology as an industry with high potentials that can be utilized.

This collaboration underscores our collective beliefs that cooperation among blockchains will be a pivotal driver for the next wave of adoption. Through combining efforts, developers will have access to greater resources and a larger network of end-users across multiple geographic regions, powered by both blockchains

The parties reasoned that the enhancement of the blockchain ecosystem will be possible through a series of events patterned to enlighten and inspire developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) on the two platforms - TomoChain and Neo. Hence, with this partnership in place, the partners aim to contribute to solving the issue of developers acting as both builders and distributors, which has existed for years.

By aiming to make blockchain a part of everyday life, the partners entice end-users along with gifted developers that will create diversified ecosystem for decentralization. The developers will build, localize, and access distribution channels that will connect them with users.