TomoChain has announced its partnership with Tokoin, an Indonesian-based digital platform aimed at helping micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) build credible trust profiles. Tokoin uses blockchain data distribution to build credit scores for these businesses, making it easy for them to access the services of financial institutions. TomoChain in an official post said:

This partnership will open opportunities for both projects to explore market expansion and increase brand awareness where we are present. We will carry out mutual activities to educate the public and head towards reaching mass adoption by integrating blockchain power into enterprises.

Tokoin collects and stores data regarding the digital business identity of MSMEs. Processes such as KYC, routine transactions and the history of an MSME is stored in a distributed ledger. Expressing his satisfaction on the partnership, the CTO of Tokoin, Welly Salim noted that:

In Tokoin, we have committed to choose the best protocol as our base. The chosen protocol has to be foolproof, scalable yet compatible with the best current SmartContract technology, Ethereum. That is the reason we are partnering with TomoChain because TomoChain is potentially able to fulfill all the qualifications.