The TomoChain team has announced a partnership with API3, a platform for decentralized API services for Web 3.0. TomoChain hopes to integrate API3’s Airnode-enable APIs and decentralized APIs through the collaboration. The end goal is to provide the TomoChain ecosystem and other projects deployed on its network with reliable, decentralized, and transparent data.

Both parties are interested in bringing “quantifiably secure data feeds” to users of Web 3.0, the new phase of the internet’s evolution. The scope of their product is expected to service average DeFi users, enterprise customers, and large-scale financial institutions.

That being said, TomoChain and API3 DAO are hosting a hackathon to facilitate the integration.

Commenting on the partnership, TomoChain’s CBDO Kyn Chaturvedi said:

API3’s approach to focus on trustless first-party data feeds, low effort integration for developers, and inexpensive access is simply refreshing. I look forward to API3’s innovations and the value their Oracle will bring to the TomoChain ecosystem of products and Dapps.

Meanwhile, Heikki Vanttinen, co-founder of API3 expressed his excitement about the partnership. He remarked:

We are excited to support TomoChain through this hackathon and integration of API3’s dAPIs- decentralized data feeds that will provide DeFi dapps on TomoChain with highly reliable, transparent and decentralized data.