According to the project’s whitepaper, Transcendence is the “one chain to rule them all”. Transcendence is the brainchild of Pascal Papara and combines 3 coins into one solution – Telos which is the default payment coin, Bitcoin Subsidium which is an upcoming asset coin and a utility token for indieGO Appstore, indieCoin.

The project describes itself as a decentralized and open source solution for developers, artists, and content creators. Developers and artists can interact with their audience in an open marketplace, while content creators utilize a decentralized messaging service with an option for private communication. Transcendence prides itself in merging Proof-of-Stake, P2P SaaS and P2P Proof of Computing in their all-in-one solution. Additionally, the network is compatible with existing systems such as the indieGO Appstore, a file sharing facility and AmiCloud, which is internet-based file storage.

The Journey So Far

The Transcendence Blockchain is a combination of several projects; from cloud services to masternode hosting, operating systems, p2p transfers, e-commerce, mining and decentralized governance, amongst others.

The Coins

$TELOS is the official crypto of the multipurpose platform. Their whitepaper pointed to the fact that Telos will in fact “become the only accepted blockchain-based payment in the multiplatform app store.” Telos is a fork of PIVX and utilizes Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Storage. The blockchain also employs a network of masternodes to achieve decentralized governance and privacy.

Telos is meant to allow everyone to join us easily using PoS but we introduce also a pure PoW coin called Bitcoin Subsidium to allow everyone the creation of STO‘s or ICO‘s on our chain. You can burn Bitcoins Subsidium in order to create your own Tokens secured in our chain – Founder Pascal Papara

Bitcoin Subsidium is swappable with Telos.

IndieGO Coin, otherwise known as IndieCoin is a utility token which cannot be traded. Its sole purpose is for purchases within the IndieGO Appstore. It has a stable base of 100 IndieCoin to €1.


Peertoro is a masternode hosting and cloud mining service. The most exciting feature about the service is that users are currently offered lifetime hosting for a one-time fee of 3000 TELOS.


The Bluebox is a masternode staking device that has been developed to pay for phones calls and internet while earning passively. The Transcendence team claims that the Bluebox offers “free internet, free calls and a passive income.”

The bluebox is pure decentralisation of an energy effective Proof of Stake based blockchain. The Bluebox consumes 20W at max.

Bitcoin Subsidium has been chosen as the preferred currency of the Bluebox.


In addition to a masternode hosting service and staking device, Transcendence also has Kryptobay, an e-commerce platform which utilizes TELOS. Users can shop for items in virtually any category; from fashion to electronics, gifts, home, computers and sports.


Transcendence has a governance model that includes stakers and hodlers, difference from other networks that restrict governance to masternode holders. Their governance platform, supports voting and “Reverse Bounty”.

Other important milestones and highlights of the Transcendence blockchain include:

  • Release of the AEROS OS
  • Launch of GunsRus, a media platform dedicated to action movies and firearm-related content.
  • Development of ProfitCycle, a ride-and-earn service. Users are rewarded for riding their bikes.


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