Decentralized p2p crypto, Trittium has gotten a DARC benchmark badge on CryptoBridge, making it the first crypto to achieve this feat since the partnership between CryptoBridge and DARC.

The benchmark status indicates that a project has been accepted for evaluation by DARC and demonstrates a project’s ability to meet or exceed certain performance criteria.

To celebrate this achievement, Trittium is doing a raffle. Several winners will be selected to win $TRTT prizes. To qualify, all you need to do is follow Trittium, CryptBridge and DARCNetwork on Twitter, like and retweet their post and have an account on trttNode. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 1.

Trittium was reviewed using for KPIs – technology, execution, governance, community and decentralization. They scored 4.04, 4.14 and 3.57 on technology, execution and governance, respectively. Trittium scored 3.82 and 3.90 on the community and decentralization criteria.

DARC which stands for “Digital Asset Resource Center” provides professional analysis, portfolio tracking, educational and review services of the digital market. In January 2019, DARC partnered with CryptoBridge. The purpose of the partnership is to “recognize projects which meet or exceed a baseline of fundamental quality.”