Blockchain project, Trittium has enabled cold node hosting on trttNodes. With this, members of the community and node operators can host their nodes without giving out the custody of their coins.

The Trittium team announcing the development of Twitter stated that:

trttNodes now allows you to deploy your nodes and keep your coins with you.

Another Twitter user, @7de9pk commenting on trttNodes said:

My new dmme cold node is running and receiving rewards since yesterday. You can host your nodes and keep the coins with you at the trttNodes platform.

Cold nodes, otherwise known as cold masternodes or hot/cold masternodes gives custody to node operators. The setup requires two wallets. One is setup remotely on a VPS while the second is installed on a local personal computer. The latter holds the coins, giving users full custody.

Details on how to deploy a cold node on the trttNodes platform can be found on the project’s Medium page. In general, users will need a coin desktop wallet, 1 whole node collateral plus an extra coin and 5€ balance on the trttNodes platform’s Trittium wallet.