Trittium has announced the launch of its new multicurrency mobile wallet, available on both Play Store and App Store. The wallet will allow users to manage their digital assets on-the-go from their mobile devices. Customers can send or receive funds, check their coin balance, and even enjoy staking rewards from their mobile devices.

By simply holding a cryptocurrency in the mobile wallet, users enjoy the option of 24/7 staking and the associated rewards. There is also an option to invest balances into masternodes directly from the app.

Following the launch of the app, the team will also be adding extra features to its trttNodes platform. Users will be able to make coin purchases directly from the platform or app. Multiple purchase options will also be available directly from the trttNodes platform – BTC, ETH, and Credit Cards.

Subsequently, each staking project listed on the platform will enjoy a free marketing banner. The team noted:

We are promoting our trttExplorer in several projects, it will be more and more visited every day. We also think it is an excellent tool for all our integrated coins.