Trittium has announced the public launch of trrtExplorer, a free all-in-one explorer tool for masternode projects listed on the trttNodes platform. According to the team, the explorer is an important milestone in the development of the project.

trttExplorer allows users to query multiple addresses belonging to multiple coins at once. This is a time saver considering the cumbersome process involved in querying many addresses individually. Interestingly, the explorer has a quick response time of about 0.2 seconds for 1000 addresses.

From the homepage, a user can easily query any of the 124 listed masternode coins. Details such as the block height and age are displayed by default. Upon probing by clicking on a specific project, a user will be furnished with details such as the number of active nodes, price of masternode, ROI, and how long it will take to receive a return on investment. There is also an option to setup a masternode with trttNodes for each of the listed coins.

trttExplorer has other features such as its day and night mode, project overview stats, network and the status of a masternode, as well as latest blocks and transactions for each project.