Trittium has joined the list of hosting platforms listed on our Masternode Hosting Directory.

Similar to other hosting services on our list, Trittium simplifies the process of becoming a masternode investor. Investors do not have to bother about the technicalities involved in running a masternode. With Trittium’s hosting service, trttNodes, investors can select from a plethora of masternodes and get the service up and running in just a few clicks – create an account, make a deposit, choose from 59 available masternode coins and start earning.

trttNodes has a lineup of solid features that should resonate with a masternode investor. For a start, the platform is cold hosted, meaning investors get to store their collateral by themselves without losing custody at any point in time. Nodes are also hosted on dedicated servers – “1 masternode per server.”

Trittium has a decent masternode hosting platform that displays all the masternode coins once logged in. Details such as the required collateral, the estimated daily, weekly, monthly and annual ROI, number of active nodes and the number of investors are displayed on the dashboard for every selected coin.

Users can monitor their investments on the go from either their desktop or mobile device. They can also change the default base currency to either Bitcoin, Euros or US Dollars.

trttNodes has made provision for both full and shared masternode services. Investors who do not have up to the required collateral to host a full node will automatically be given a shared node. Hosting a cold node cost 2.49 EUR/month while shared nodes cost 5 EUR/month (both can be paid per day in $TRTT). Other fees are based on the masternode’s collateral. The prices for other coins will be added as the platform expands. Currently, cold nodes are now on promotion at 0.49 EUR/month.

All fees are subject to PoCon, this means that a percentage of profits will be burned to increase the value of Trittium. Rewards can also be reinvested on Insta nodes and compounded for higher ROI, while the collateral remains untouched in cold storage.

There are now 9 masternode hosting services on our directory. We will continue to expand and bring you the best of the masternode industry.

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