Congratulations to the Trittium team and community on obtaining its long-awaited licenses. The masternode platform which allows for fast p2p loans backed by crypto collateral has obtained two licenses. The first allows Trittium to provide virtual wallet services, while the second will allow the project to provide crypto to fiat exchange services. Customers can exchange crypto/fiat up to $15,000 without KYC procedures.

The team, speaking in an official Medium post said:

The license will allow us to deploy new business and features, like sell directly to fiat or create trttPay a new tool valid for several markets and able to let them change crypto/fiat directly.

Trittium will be updating the user interface of its trttLoans platform, as part of efforts to welcome the change. It is expected that the platform will be up and running by mid-August.

Trittium has been in the cryptocurrency industry for a little over a year. The project has grown considerably in the last year.