Following the release of its Android wallet, the p2p cryptocurrency, Trittium has finally released the IOS version of the wallet. IOS users can now send and receive TRTT tokens from the comfort of their palms while keeping tabs on their digital asset and real-time TRTT coin information.

Making the announcement on the project’s official Discord channel, the team said:

Finally, we are glad to announce that our IOS wallet is ready and working.

The team has also gone further to state that users should anticipate some new features on these wallets. One of the expected new features will be the option to stake Trittium from the mobile wallets – Android and IOS.

Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral. Both lenders and borrowers get to leverage their positions – lenders by earning interest on their latent cash and borrowers by getting the cash flow without having to part with their crypto assets. Building upon the Blockchain decentralized nature, Trittium is taking shared economy one step further.