trttNodes has unveiled its new user interface. The masternode hosting service which is working towards becoming market leaders in the niche of masternode investment made the announcement on Medium.

The improved platform is mobile friendly and now redirects new users to the Dashboard instead of the Landing page. They have also added a new section for special offers.

New Dashboard UI

The dashboard now displays details such as the number of listed coins, active instant nodes and hosted nodes. Furthermore, it shows the number of burned coins and PoCon rewards distributed. A summary of a user’s investment, balances and fees paid in TRTT are also displayed on the dashboard, in addition to special investment offers.

The “Coins” section has been split into two categories – one for special offers (Hot deals) and the other for supported masternodes. Hot Deals are displayed first.

New changes have also reflected in the portfolio section with more responsive tables for My Nodes, service fee details, portfolio summary and the addition of TRTT info block.

Finally, users can now use filters to search for coins in their wallet. Action buttons like deposit, invest, setup node and withdraw have also been added to the Wallets page.

In general, the new look of trttNode is a whole new mood in comparison with the previous interface. The facelift and new features were highly needed.

Old trttNodes interface