Exciting news coming from TWINS, as the cryptocurrency gets listed on a top-20 exchange – p2pb2b. This is a step in the right direction with regards to the project’s vision to build an extensive decentralized network of masternodes. In a Tweet they state:

Earlier in January, TWINS launched their mainnet. In the same month, they got listed on Bitsane, a top 100 crypto exchange.


TWINS Coin is the official currency of the TWINS Exchange. It is a P2P masternode currency and will be used to power the platform; creating buy and sell order listings, and to reward the community-supported and decentralized hosting of network nodes.

We will introduce a truly decentralized exchange platform and proof-of-stake blockchain network with cross-chain atomic-swaps capabilities to facilitate the direct transacting of value between network users. There will be no fees for the direct peer-to-peer exchanges, as these transactions are performed directly between user wallets.