Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have made some remarkable progress in the last few years. In 2017, the industry received a lot of media attention and since then, governments, corporate behemoths, and even individuals have been trying to explore this rather nascent tech. Blockchain tech is being deployed in virtually every industry from logistics to payments, healthcare, entertainment, and governance.

Despite these milestones, the industry still has a long way to go and is still far from widespread adoption. Challenges such as security and ease of use still top the list of bottlenecks facing the industry. Users often have to go through multiple channels before they purchase, spend, or transfer their digital assets. Whilst there are many blockchain projects tackling different challenges within the space, the United Crypto Alliance, UCA is building a decentralized payment coin that will be available to everyone.

The mission of the United Crypto Alliance is to unite businesses and individuals towards the same goal: to create a new global currency.

UCA is taking a unique approach to building a solid network. By creating a union and an alliance of global partners, the team aims to build a stable cryptocurrency with guaranteed long-term success. Its mantra, “stronger together” prioritizes global distribution and this is what makes the project special. The project thrives on 8 solid pillars; Allianz partners, the Community, an Expert team, UCA Card, UCA App, Green technology, Webshop, and ATM & POS.

One of the unique selling points of the UCA is its green energy project. The team will be financing the development and production of clean energy from the revenue obtained from the use of the UCA Coin. The team will be funding universally deployable systems that can power homes and industrial facilities.

The future appears to be bright for the cryptocurrency project. Prior to launch, the UCA already had a community strength of over 16,000 people. Within the next 2 years, this number is expected to exceed 150,000. Considering the strength of the team and the founder of the project, Ilhan Dogan, this goal does not appear to be beyond reach.

Ilhan Dogan has a penchant for building profitable organizations. He is one of the most successful networkers in the world with records such as building around 1 million sales partners and generating up to €1 billion in sales when he was still active in the field. His success stories span across several countries including Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. With records such as these, one should expect that the UCA will reach and exceed its goals in no time.

Talking about goals, the team is expected to integrate the UCA Coin into ATMs between Q2 and Q3 of 2020. Within the same period, the coins will be integrated into PoS devices and UCA’s masternode platform is expected to go live. Still in Q3, the team will focus on building its exchange, as well as expanding the functionality of the exchange and masternode platform. Community members should expect a series production of a hybrid system, onboarding of alliance partners, and a coin burn between Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

On liquidity, UCA is currently listed on 4 cryptocurrency exchanges with daily trading volume of over $100,000 – Vindax, Finexbox, Stex, and Crex24.

The UCA has also organized a contest to promote the project and ramp things up on social media. To participate, a members needs to create an invitation link to the project's Discord server. Members who invite the most people between now and 8th May 2020 will receive 150,000 UCA to set up their masternodes.

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