Our $50k DeFi portfolio has crossed a major milestone and is now worth over $100k. Since its launch at the beginning of the year, the value of the portfolio has grown by over 128%. The total value of the portfolio currently sits at $106,090, having gained $59,595 since its debut two months ago.

As a quick reminder, the top picks for our ultimate $50k DeFi portfolio include assets such as Ethereum, Chainlink, REN, Sora, Loopring, Enjin Coin, Whiteheart, Curve DAO Token, and API3.

The portfolio has increased by over 43%, rising from $74,157 last month to $106,090 this month. The biggest gainers to date are Enjin (513%), Sora (218%), API3 (176%), REN (70%), and Whiteheart (52%).

Thanks to a booming NFT sector, Enjin now controls more than 35% of the portfolio’s value. It is being followed by Sora (16.17) and Ethereum (12.76).

Overall, it has been an interesting month for our $50k DeFi portfolio. 70% of the coins on the list sat on double-digit gains.