As earlier reported by Masternode Buzz, Mister Node launched a DeFi portfolio management service in late January.

The top long-term picks for the $50k DeFi portfolio included coins like Ethereum, Chainlink, REN, Sora, Loopring, Enjin Coin, Whiteheart, Curve DAO Token, and API3.

That being said, here a quick rundown on how the DeFi portfolio has performed in the last 30 days.

Sora, which touts itself as the decentralized central bank of the world, recorded the largest gains over the last 30 days. Starting with an initial purchase of 35 tokens each priced at around $185, the investment in Sora has grown by over 230%, with the price of each token sitting at $511 as of press time.

DAO-token API3 is the second coin on the portfolio to record a triple-digit gain. The investment in API3 has grown by 104%.

Apart from Sora and API3, every other token on the DeFi portfolio recorded a double-digit gain over the last month.

Overall, the initial $50k investment on our DeFi portfolio is now worth over $74,000, representing an overall growth of more than 45%.