Bitcoin and blockchain transactions have been touted for their anonymity. However, despite these claims and remarkable strides, it may come as a surprise that some cryptocurrencies are tagged “privacy coins”. Privacy blockchains go the extra mile to ensure that the identity of parties involved in a transaction remains anonymous. They employ popular algorithms like Coinjoin, zk-Snarks, and RingCT to obscure transactions. This is an upgrade because regular blockchain transactions are broadcasted publicly and can be seen by anyone. Your identity becomes compromised once someone can link a transaction to your IP or offline details.

ANON which stands for “Anonymous Bitcoin Fork” is set to launch masternodes early next month. ANON is a fork of both Bitcoin and ZClassic, combining the best of both blockchains. In addition to introducing zk-Snarks protocol, the project will be introducing “staking through use of masternodes, increased block size and a transparent development process.

Zk-Snarks which means “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge” is a protocol that allows miners to verify transactions without knowing who is sending or receiving the coins.

According to the development team:

The fork will provide a 2:1 ratio of ANON to all holders of ZClassic (‘ZCL’) and a 1:1 ratio of ANON to all holders of Bitcoin (‘BTC’) …We are currently working to be listed on multiple exchanges while introducing a complete package of privacy and long-term utility. ANON intends to improve upon the way the crypto community utilizes privacy as well as reinvent the way ‘no coiners’ view crypto.

Anyone can host an ANON masternode. The collateral is 500 ANON coins. The snapshot will take place on 9/10/2018.