Following the growth of the blockchain network and as a medium to reward loyal community members, APEX Network has launched a Node reward program dubbed “KRATOS”. All token holders who have 20,000 CPX and above are automatically qualified to participate in the reward program which has an estimated reward pool of over $100,000.

This is not the first-time community members will be receiving rewards for their loyalty. APEX launched preliminary programs last autumn.

The team has noted that rewards will not be given out randomly or by lottery. Instead, the number of CPX held by a token holder will determine how much he will receive. KRATOS will run for 4 months. Two snapshots will be taken every month for the first 3 months to determine the amount of CPX a community member has. Rewards will be distributed on the 4th.

In order to prevent price manipulations, the team has noted that the monthly snapshot dates will not be announced.

Snapshot of balance will be taken every month.

APEX has a three-node system comprising of Supernodes, Voternodes and Data Cloud Nodes. Supernodes require the highest collateral of 2,000,000 CPX, while Voternodes are further divided into 3 tiers of 400,000 CPX, 200,000 CPX and 70,000 CPX, respectively. Data Cloud Nodes have a minimum stake of 20,000 CPX.