CPChain which is a decentralized project for IoT systems has announced a token buyback program which will span 12 months. The company has noted that over the next 12 months they will be buying about 50 million CPC tokens from top crypto exchanges. This will account for up to 13% of the total tokens that have been issued by the blockchain project. The reason for the buyback is to allow CPC tokens to retain some real value, irrespective of current crypto market conditions. According to the Co-founder of CPChain:

The repurchase of CPC tokens will not be burned but will be locked up for one year, becoming an important component of the CPC economic model. Planned buy-backs exceed 13 percent of the total circulation supply.

In line with the buyback program, the project also launched its RNode Ecosystem Structure. There are three primary nodes structures; economy, reputation, and industry nodes. To operate an economy node, you will need a minimum of 20,000 CPC tokens. This grants you the right to vote in the community.

Reputation node requires a minimum of 200,000 CPC tokens to participate. A reputation node can either be an economy node with added computing and storage node or an industry node with computing and storage node.

It is worth noting that CPChain uses a Dynamic Proof of Reputation Agreement (DPoR) consensus.