As the title suggests, Dash will be performing a community-driven stress test of its blockchain. The primary aim of a stress test is to check the network’s capacity and scalability, as well as provide the team with pertinent data on how the network performs under a lot of activity. This is particularly important because scalability is one of the major hurdles blockchain solutions need to surmount before going mainstream. If you can clearly remember, the number of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions rose to over 200,000 at the peak of the cryptocurrency boom in late 2017.

Dash’s stress test has been scheduled for November 11, and miners and exchanges have been told to be on the lookout, even though the team expects a smooth and seamless test run. According to the Dash team:

the goal is to reach as many tx as possible on the Dash blockchain, which might be up to 4-5 million transactions in 24h if we can fill up most blocks to the max. possible 2MB. Users are encouraged to use Dash as much as possible as well.

Finally, members of the Dash community should look forward to Dash v0.13 and Dash 1.0. The team has hinted that progress is being made in this regard.