In the expanding world of cryptocurrencies, DigitalCoin (DGC) is an experienced blockchain: The project started in May 2013. Because of the coin's rich history, there even is a book available on Amazon.

Digitalcoin utilizes three separate mining algorithms (Scrypt, Sha256 and x11), with the goal of having a well distributed currency and making it more difficult to do a 51% attack.

Several months ago the team decided to implement masternodes. In a community vote, a collateral of 10.000 DGC (~$365 at the time of writing) was chosen. Forking to 100% POS and the masternode roi are still in consideration.


Currently the team is focussing on developing the new version of their client (v5) which will include masternodes and a governance proposal system. After the launch they will pick up their work on two projects that will use DGC.

The first is an online multiplayer and turn based game loosely based on the boardgame “Power the Boardgame” from the mid 90’s. The other project will be a website that allows you to gamble DGC by placing put options on bitcoin.

A very early prototype of their game development:

My opinion: The DigitalCoin developers clearly have years of blockchain development experience. They aren't going to do a coinswap to 'another' Dash/Pivx fork, but instead, they will build masternodes into their current, multiple-algorithm wallet.

Also, DigitalCoin wasn't part of any ICO and it is available on Cryptopia. There is room for improvement on the marketing and community building side. The team wants to combine this with the release of v5 to not create false hype, but I think a strong community is a very important part of a masternode coin's success.

Disclaimer: I'm personally invested in DGC.

As always, This is not financial advice. Do your own research, and consult a financial advisor if needed.