Helium is a fork from SpreadCoin. The snapshot was taken on October 10, 2017, and caused a big increase - and dropoff - of the SpreadCoin price. Cryptopia assisted with the fork, crediting Helium to SpreadCoin holders. Helium hasn't been tradable since the fork, and a masternode requires 1,000 HLM.

HeliumPay is a decentralized crypto project that aims to facilitate global payments while giving power to the end users. It’s no secret that customers are often at the mercy and scrutiny of financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and centralized systems in general.

The project is hoping to solve this challenge by offering a combination of Service and Master Nodes, thus increasing the security of their network, while encouraging innovation and growth. Their primary focus is to help simplify the current complexities present in supply chains and help them explore blockchain solutions while reducing costs.

Before delving to talk about the team, it is important to note that a quick look at the social media channels (with the exception of Telegram) of HeliumPay will reveal that they have been inactive for several months. There’s little to no news or hype about their project out there. Considering how fast-paced and volatile the crypto space is, this is not a very good thing. But then, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, so we will cut them some slack.

HeliumPay comprises of an experienced team, led by the duo Jason Cassidy and James Gonzalez. Jason has been active in the industry since 2012 and has grown to offer blockchain advice to businesses and governments across the world. Up until HeliumPay, they were the founders of Blockchain TV and Crypto Consultant. However, they decided to sell of these platforms in February this year, in order to fully focus on HeliumPay.

Once again, their roadmap is quite sketchy. Nonetheless, it is expected that something is released soon since both founders are fully involved in the project. Going by the posts on their Telegram channel, the following things are expected to form the project in the coming weeks:

• Upcoming partnerships which will be announced during the main-net launch
• Change from PoW to PoS protocol
• Helium is listed, but not yet tradable on Cryptopia
• Masternodes, which will require a collateral of 1000 HLM

As always, This is not financial advice. Do your own research, and consult a financial advisor if needed.