Matrix Ai has announced that they will be launching masternodes in February 2019. The blockchain network has two masternode categories – mining masternodes (PoW) and validator masternodes (PoS).

With regards to rewards, 50% of block reward is allocated to validator masternodes, 40% goes to mining masternodes, and the remaining 10% is reserved for maintaining the ecosystem. The block reward was recently revealed to be 22.5 MAN tokens per block. Block rewards are however expected to reduce every year, comprising of 15% of the remaining MAN tokens.

As the name suggests, mining masternodes are “agents for processing transactions”. The required collateral to run a mining masternode on Matrix is 10,000 MAN. Miners earn a base reward in addition to their mining reward.

Validator masternodes are there to audit the actions of delegate masternodes. The collateral to host a validator masternode is 100,000 MAN.

In order to keep the network fully decentralized, supernodes are randomly selected every hour from all available masternodes. Supernodes (otherwise known as delegated masternodes) are selected based on a combination of the following metrics: the amount of stake, computing power, communication bandwidth, and network connectivity, amongst others.

A total of 32 supernodes will be randomly selected for each circle – 21 for mining, and 11 for validating. Supernodes get a share of each block that is mined on the network. This is in addition to 3-5% of annual reward that goes to both miners and validators for staking MAN.