New Capital, which is in the business of seeking and supporting innovative business ideas, has indicated their interest to support three blockchain projects in the masternode niche. The company helps entrepreneurs and visionaries attain business success by providing financial, technical and marketing strategies.

New Capital has chosen just three projects for its first round of backing. These projects will range from solutions geared towards enhancing the security of mobile wallets, to true P2P value exchanges.

The company believes that masternodes play an essential role in decentralizing the blockchain ecosystem. They lauded the overall decentralized node infrastructure. Edwin Terek, co-founder at New Capital noted that:

Our aim at New Capital is to advance the mass adoption and practical use of digital assets. We are convinced that the masternode ecosystem will play an essential role in the future of decentralized applications. The mechanics of financial incentives available to the community encourages extensive and enthusiastic participation in building, growing and providing efficient network resources to power decentralized blockchain networks.

New Capital’s team comprises of 9 experienced individuals, with expertise spanning from management to business development, ICT, marketing, government relations, and of course, blockchain tech.

Interestingly, New Capital is already backing “TWINS”, a P2P masternode cryptocurrency working towards creating a truly decentralized cross-chain exchange platform. TWINS will be launched on January 1, 2019.