ZenCash is using Secure Nodes to make private transactions on their network using SSL certificates for increased privacy. Recently they have announced Super Nodes. These nodes will run side chains and different decentralised apps like ZenGrid and ZenPub, used for selling CPU power and secure publications. Also their node payment system will run on the Super Node infrastructure. More information on these nodes can be found in their Zen Application Platform Whitepaper.

While Super Nodes require more powerful hardware and a higher collateral (500 ZEN vs 42 ZEN), the block reward will increase as well. Currently only 3.5% of each block goes to the Secure Nodes, but after the update 20% will go to the Secure and Super Nodes combined (10% each). Some estimated that the ROI will be about 100% based on current conditions.

The schedule (dates may be adjusted):

June 11th: Publish RC1 for testing
June 11th-16th: Test clients and updated pool software on testnet and publish RC2 if needed
June 16th: Testnet Mandatory Upgrade. Any major issue at this point may result in deploying an update that just changes the deprecation block
June 19th: Release of 2.0.14 posted
June 19th-27th: All nodes, pools, exchanges, and wallets will need to be updated prior to block 332576 (est. June 27 23:00 UTC)
Mandatory Upgrade date: please see the Super Nodes section.

Target Dates for Super Nodes (dates may be adjusted):

July 1st-19th: Super Nodes node tracker software posted and tracking servers made available and initial testing
July 8th: Migration of existing Secure Nodes
July 19th: Mandatory upgrade (block number to be published) and start of earnings for Super Nodes with payments on a weekly basis

The new Super Node requirements are:

  • At least 500 ZEN in a t-address for staking
  • Four CPU cores minimum
  • 8GB of RAM or more
  • 100GB of storage or more
  • IPv4 address for the tracker (IPv4/IPv6 ok for zend)
  • 96% node uptime per earning period
  • Maximum Challenge time of 150 seconds (may be adjusted)