Popular blockchain and cryptocurrency news site, Cointelegraph, has announced the launch of Cointelegraph Consulting; a new business segment that will foster enterprise blockchain adoption by bridging the gap between companies and blockchain vendors. The purpose of the new segment is to educate and connect companies with leading blockchain vendors.

Cointelegraph has operated as a blockchain news site for 6 years. It believes that its wide network of blockchain businesses will become beneficial in promoting enterprise blockchain in an industry that is expected to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.

The new division is made up of industry veterans, senior experts and tech analysts. These individuals will work closely with enterprise customers to identify possible blockchain use cases within their businesses, review enterprise blockchain vendors, and roll out solutions.

Commenting on Cointelegraph Consulting, Arsenii Dain, managing director of the division said:

We are not a consulting firm trying to sell our own solutions to companies, rather, we have a unique market strategy that is completely unbiased and transparent. We are connecting industry participants within our vast network to enterprise blockchain vendors that are suited to meet their tangible business needs.

For a start, Cointelegraph Consulting has partnered with Insolar and VeChain, both major enterprise blockchain players. Insolar, for example, provides scalable private and public blockchain solutions targeted at the North American and European markets. Insolar’s founder, Peter Fedchenkov, noted that their network can handle over 20,000 transactions per second and that customers can join blockchain networks without running nodes. VeChain, on the other hand, already powers Walmart China’s blockchain platform along with a food traceability program, Foodgates by providing verifiable product data on a public blockchain.

More blockchain vendors and enterprise clients are expected to join the network next year.