Last week, VeChain took to its Medium handle to officially announce the development and endorsement of the Yunnan Pu’er Tea Traceability Platform powered by VeChain ToolChain. VeChain achieved this feat in strategic collaboration with its channel partner, Yunlian, Mengku Rongshi, the top company in Chinese tea industry which covers upstream and downstream tea business, and Linova, a committed company which provides customers with all-round blockchain-based traceability solutions.

Being happy with this traceability solution, Mr. Qian Chengcheng, CBO at VeChain, has been quoted to say that VeChain is ever dedicated to power real economy and release the yet-be-realized business value through blockchain. And for him, offering Yunnan Pu’er Tea a traceability solution will trigger the mass adoption of blockchain in the tea industry. In his words, he said:

As the leading enterprise-friendly public blockchain platform, VeChain is committed to powering the real economy and releasing the untapped business value by reliable blockchain technology. The Yunnan Pu’er Tea Traceability Platform has a meaningful impact on the mass adoption of blockchain in the tea industry within Yunnan Province and across the domestic market. In addition, this use case can be used as a reference for other regional premium agricultural products such as Yangcheng-Lake crab and Wuchang rice.

Though announced on November 14, the event took place on the 13th in Shuangjiang, China with the presence of the People’s Government of Shuangjiang County, officials from People’s Government of Lincang City, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tea Department, Yunnan Tea Traceability Association and others.

The need to trace inferior goods with high prices and products with fake labels was what prompted the Chinese Central Government's clarion call on product Traceability. Hence, the major aim of the event was to tackle the concern of fake Pu’er Tea products which has been prevailing in Yunnan market.

As stated by the report, the issue of lack of authenticity of luxury collectible consumables have been so bad that a policy paper was issued in July, 2019, which urged for the  establishment of a regulatory framework over the production of Gushu tea before 2020, leading to “one-product-one-code,”  in the view of Mr. Ruan Chengfa, the governor of Yunnan Province.

With this development in hand, each product of Pu’er Tea  will be bounded with a peculiar code or NFC tag which the customers will have to scan with their smartphone in order to access the information therein.

In his speech, Mr. Lu Xiutian, the representative from the Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province, has urged everyone in the province to  "attach great significance to this tea traceability platform," without sparing any effort "to ensure every tea brick has traceable origin, verified proper distribution and logistics, and authentic qualification," which he believed would surely  raise the Yunnan tea global reputation.