Following the discontinuation of VeChain’s VeForge Explorer and VeForge Vault by Totient Labs, VeChain has announced that it will be releasing two new in-house solutions to replace the Explorer and the Vault. The new releases, VeChain Official Blockchain Explorer and the VeChain Sync Official Ledger Wallet Interface will be actively maintained by the core dev team, instead of a community development team this time.

Totient Labs announced yesterday (Oct 20) that it will be discontinuing its VeForge services – Explorer and Vault on Monday, Oct 21. The decision to stop both service left many VeChain users asking if their funds on Ledger were safe. In a swift response, the VeChain team announced that its in-house team will continue the development of both services and that funds were not affected.

VeChain Insight can be used in the stead of Veforge Explorer in the meantime. The VeChain team is also working with the Ledger team to enable users to access their wallets via the desktop wallet and dApp browser, Sync. While the new Official Explorer is expected to go live by the end of November, the Sync Ledger Wallet Interface should be up in 2 weeks.

Screenshots of the updated Sync to allow users access their VeChain Ledger Wallets

Some of the planned features that are expected to the rolled out with the new Explorer include an integration with Token Registry, an application hub for VIP180 token users and dApp developers, and integration with VeChain Authority Massternode Dashboard.