VeChain has a dual coin, tiered masternode and proof of stake system where staking VET will give you THOR after their mainnet release.

After Plair, and MustangChain, Esprezzo will be the fourth ICO partnership to be held on the VeChain platform, raising at least 50% of their tokens in VET.

What is Esprezzo?
Esprezzo provides developers, enterprises and organizations easier ways to develop blockchain applications. They do this by aggregating data from multiple blockchains, smart contracts, legacy databases, oracles and other external sources, and, combining them in a unified API.

Their tools will include SDKs (Software Development Kits), REST and GraphQL interfaces as well, creating a library of easy-to-deploy smart contracts.

Why did they choose the VeChain network?
In their own words:

VeChain is leading the way to standardization in many of the areas most fundamental to enterprise blockchain adoption. With VeVid, VeChain has created a consistent and idiomatic way to address identity, KYC, transparency and accountability using smart contracts. We are also excited to explore use cases with VeChainThor’s native Distributed Data Vending (DDV) framework as a way for companies and consumers to own and control their own personal, medical and financial data. The applications of these technologies are endless and the standardization put in place by VeChain will provide a foundation for the development of more advanced industry-specific applications and solutions.

The max supply of EZPZ tokens will be 5B tokens. This round of issuance will be separated into 3 tranches: the private round currently in progress, the VeChain Foundation round for X Node holders, and the public round. The private sale combined with the ICO is hard capped at 30% of total supply. The exact ratio of VET to EZPZ tokens for distributions will be announced at a later date.