The art of preparing and serving tea is an integral part of Japan’s culture. In line with this, blockchain-based business, VeChain, has partnered with one of Japan’s heavy players in the tea business – Fuji MARUMO Tea Garden. VeChain will be using blockchain to offer trace and authenticate tea products for the company. Customers of Fuji MARUMO will be able to confirm the origin of their tea from their smartphones.

The first trial of the traceability and IoT solution will involve 100 products. Each product will carry VeChain’s NFC chip. The team noted that:

This trial is the Proof of Concept for the larger partnership that will be implemented upon completion.

Each chip is assigned a unique ID. Customers can look up the details of a product and verify the exclusiveness from their smartphones, by scanning the chip. Customers will be able to retrieve information such as the origin of the product, it’s history in the tea garden, as well as a verification certificate which will be issued and stored on VeChainThor’s blockchain.


According to an official Medium post by VeChain, they also noted that:

On 7th of December, Fiji MARUMO Tea Garden will demonstrate tea products with VeChain’s technology and Japanese tea culture at Japan Classy Culture Experience & Party held in Singapore.