According to data available on the VeChain Explorer, VeForge, the blockchain project has recorded a high number of clauses in the last 3 days. This may be connected to Deloitte and DNV GL completely migrating to the VeChain blockchain, an announcement that was made at the just concluded 2019 VeChain Submit.

According to VeChain, “each transaction may contain multiple clauses, and each clause contains the “To”, “Value”, and “Data” fields that can be used to commence different tasks such as payment or smart contracts.

VeChain registered the highest number of clauses in the last 30 days at 396.6k on April 27. Almost 130 million VTHO was transferred on the same day. The network currently has 5.7 million clauses and has handled around 3.6 million transactions.

VTHO can be used to run applications and implement smart contracts on VeChain’s blockchain. VTHO are generated from VET token at a rate of 0.000432 VTHO per VET per day.

In general, the network has confirmed over 2.6 million blocks and has more than 100,000 accounts as at the time of writing. Moreover, VeChain has burned 259.7 million VTHO tokens, with 271.3 billion VET and 17.7 billion VTHO transferred.