VeChain has a dual coin, tiered masternode and proof of stake system where staking VET will give you VTHO.

VeChain officially released their mobile light wallet apps for Android and iOS. Within the app, it's possible to store and stake your VET. As of today, the blockchain swap has started where ERC20 VEN can be transferred to VET (1 VEN = 100 VET).


The mobile application helps with the swapping process, although in their video manual, swapping through supported exchanges has been adviced.


In case you don't want to keep funds on your mobile device, the Ledger Nano S wallet will be released in August. The mobile app can be used to track your masternode earnings even when it's on a hardware (or other) wallet. For those who are entitled to an X-node (if you've held at least 6,000 VEN in your Ethereum address after March 20th), the app can be used to bind your X-node to your new VeChain address.

Because blockchain swaps can be complex, VeChain released a YouTube video with instructions. Be sure to follow advice from official channels only and be extra cautious for scammers.