Popular enterprise blockchain, VeChain, in collaboration with DNV GL and Renji Hospital has joined forces to launch the world’s first blockchain-powered Intelligent Tumor Treatment Center. Powered by VeChain’s ToolChain, the treatment center is an efficient, transparent, and traceable medical management solution.

The launch which was announced on October 20, 2020 at a conference in the hospital revealed that both VeChain and DNV GL will help Renji Hospital in its mission to improve global public health. Speaking on the partnership, Zhang Jidong, Vice President of Renji Hospital, said:

“The strategic partnership and launch of the Intelligent Tumor Treatment Centre intends to enhance high-quality integrated development of Renji Hospital. Moving forward, Renji Hospital intends to boost our healthcare facilities with more blockchain-powered use cases and projects, which will be gradually disclosed together with our partners when the time is right.”

The treatment center will draw from the strengths of both VeChain’s blockchain tech and DNV GL’s professional services. It will cover the full lifecycle management of tumor treatment processes at the Renji Hospital. The end result is expected to be improved efficiency for the hospital.

Consequently, patience will be able to fully own and manage their personal medical records – taking control of the authorization and medical records data management. Research institutions, on the other hand, can use this authorized data to improve the efficiency of clinical research. Meanwhile, regulatory agencies can conduct compliance checks on medical organizations and establish a credit evaluation system.