TE-FOOD has revealed that Vinamilk will be using its blockchain-based food traceability infrastructure to track yet another one of its diary product. Vinamilk which is one of the largest dairy companies in Southeast Asia and the 4thmost valuable publicly-traded company in Vietnam had earlier opted to use TE-FOOD’s solution to track its premium infant formula product, Vinamilk Organic Gold, in June of this year.

It appears the first phase of implementation has yielded significant results since Vinamilk has decided to use TE-FOOD to track and trace a second product – 100% Organic Milk. This will make the product the first organic milk in Vietnam to receive the EU Organic Standard certification.

Similar to the first roll-out, each milk carton is given a unique QR code before packaging. TE-FOOD implemented a Domino industrial printer along the production line which maintains real-time communication through a printer server.

Consumers can scan the product to pull up its history from the FoodChain. Beyond being able to verify the traceability data of the product, consumers will be able to see its certifications, ingredients, as well as some data from the herd that produced the milk.

Vinamilk has a product portfolio which includes milk, cereals, yoghurts, beverages, and ice-creams which are sold both locally in Vietnam and exported to 40 other countries. More success in its implementation of TE-FOOD’s food traceability solution could mean more products on the FoodChain.