The blockchain-based online gambling platform, Wagerr has moved the testnet of version 3.0 into closed beta, adding over 50 valued community members to the testnet. This is coming ahead of the yet-to-be-announced 3.0 mainnet fork. By adding extra pairs of eyes to scrutinize the latest iteration of Wagerr, the dev team will be able to spot and fix potential errors before public release.

In view of the closed beta test, a large percentage of the network’s resources will be channeled towards an effective testing process and delivering a flawless process upon release. The team noted in an official post that other activities will receive backstage and seize to populate the current mainnet wallets.

The Wagerr 3.0 upgrade includes a total redesign of the platform’s betting website and backend betting protocol. There are also several new features geared towards improving the efficiency, usability, and scalability of the online gambling platform.

Wagerr 3.0 features a overhaul of the frontend and backend protocol.

Once close beta testing is completed and themed successful, version 3.0 will move to a public testnet and eventually a mainnet fork.