Blockchain-based sports betting project, Wagerr, has entered into a strategic partnership with Techpad, a blockchain tech solutions provider. Techpad focuses on optimizing human interaction with blockchain tech through UI and UX development.

The collaboration between Wagerr and Techpad which began months ago has given birth to two products – the Betsmart app and a major update to Wagerr Pro. Both projects will be exploring their strengths. gives comprehensive insight into betting activity by using the Wagerr blockchain to provide transparent information never publicly available from traditional bookies.

By using the app, users will be able to make smarter betting decisions from an aggregate of sports data.

Wagerr Pro has also received a major upgrade in the form of advanced betting stats. Users of the mobile betting app will have full access to data and analytics from Betsmart. This includes a breakdown of total bet distribution, volume distribution and odds history, amongst others.

The team has also included a swap feature powered by InstaSwap.

Speaking on the partnership, David Mah, the founder of Wagerr said:

Techpad has been a great partner. We've been impressed with the speed at which they bring ideas to fruition. The Betsmart app is a perfect example of what we are working towards with our affiliate program. We think in time third parties will be able to leverage the Wagerr blockchain’s liquidity without us even knowing. I look forward to bringing more partnerships to the Wagerr ecosystem.

To incentivize users to participate and refer others, Wagerr is running a referral competition for those who will share Wagerr news and bring in new users.