Popular blockchain-based sports betting platform, Wagerr has announced the release of its new wallet – Wagerr 3.0: Atlantic City. Confirming the release in a news post, the team said:

A bold new wallet has come to Wagerr, making the finest on-chain sports betting platform even better, with more sports, more events, and more action.

As part of efforts to transition to the new wallet and what has the dubbed “the next stage of Wagerr’s evolution”, a hard fork has been scheduled for July 26. Current users are expected to download the new 3.0 Qt wallet and daemon ahead of the fork.

The mandatory hard fork is paving a way for the Electron Betting App with more events, sports, and on-chain lotto. Players can view a wide variety of games and calculate their potential wins.

The Electron wallet will be released at the beginning of August once the chain is stable. Betting will then resume with additional sports, more leagues, and more events.