The cryptocurrency market has been bearish for over a year with many digital assets trading below 60% of their all-time-highs. Whilst skeptics may have a reason or two to discredit cryptocurrencies as a bubble waiting to burst, smart investors are still cashing out and earning “passive income” despite the long-overdue crypto winter.

Popular cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin in a blog post titled – “Passive Income from Crypto: What Is Staking and Why It’s Awesome” has raised some awareness on why staking (regular staking or masternodes) is a honeypot for investors.

According to the article, masternodes act as a safety net for investors and can generate as much as 200% in returns depending on the masternode in question and the amount staked. As a matter of fact, masternodes have been touted as “the best way to make passive returns in a bear market.”

In January this year, for example, Staked raised an additional $4.5 million from institutional investors in addition to a previous funding round which generated $17 million.

Staking is the process by which an investor commits their tokens to the service of a blockchain in exchange for rewards in the form of new tokens.

KuCoin shed some light on the advantages of staking and gave some pointers on how to get started investing in masternodes. With more and more investors recognizing the profitability of masternodes, there is no arguing the fact that the niche has come to stay, providing a safe haven during the crypto winter.