Update: Lottery information updated.

We are excited to have the Divi Project as our latest Premium Buzz Backer. Divi is trying to simplify the cryptocurrency and particularly the masternode space. By creating a multi-layer proprietary masternode technology embedded in a one-click setup, average investors and users can host full nodes without having to bother about the associated technicalities and knowledge-based entry barriers. According to them,

…even your grandma can begin earning cryptocurrency in minutes.

Their strategy is simple – create a masternode platform that makes it easy for anyone to setup a masternode either from home or in the cloud and build a user-friendly wallet to go with it.

This “Smart Wallet” is being designed to remove all the “pain points” that currently prevent ordinary people from getting excited about cryptocurrencies.

Unlike most masternode projects, Divi has 5-tiers of masternodes, each with different collateral – Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The project also has a Lottery Block system aimed at increasing participation and security. Once every week (at every 10080 blocks), one participant staking 10,000 or more DIVI in his wallet will receive a reward of 252,000 DIVI, while 10 smaller winners will receive 25,200 DIVI. The higher the stake, the higher the chance to win.

The project which is headed by Geoff McCabe comprises of a team of experienced professionals. Since inception in 2017, the Divi community has grown to around 13,000 members with over 350 hosted masternodes.