Although blockchain solutions are gaining traction, the level of revolution blockchain may spearhead is yet unknown. There are already applications in the food, logistics, medical, entertainment, and automobile industries, amongst others.

Blockchain project TE-FOOD, has made some positive strides and has been in the news recently. TE-FOOD which is attempting to decentralize the food supply industry (from fame to final consumers), recently joined the United Nations’ Sustainable Food Systems Programme. The project has released a short-term roadmap, in line with exploring further blockchain use cases.

For a start, the project has revealed that they will be launching an initial version of the TE-FOOD blockchain. Initial because they expect the blockchain space to have matured by the next year or two. The project’s initial blockchain will be built on HyperLedger. Their reason for choosing HyperLedger were “its enterprise readiness, the possibility for DApps to use Golang/Node.js within ChainCode, its scalability, and its permissioned approach, which was important for all supply chain companies we talked to.” Their blockchain will be called FoodChain.

The company’s short-term roadmap is expected to run from September to December, 2018. Important milestones include specifying the conditions to host a masternode on the network, a testnet and later better release scheduled for October, migrating pilot projects to the FoodChain network, and legal and technical masternode onboarding processes, amongst others.

A short list of what to expect to coming months:
|28/09/2018| Details of the masternode conditions will be published.|
|12/10/2018| Release of Testnet, block explorer and test transactions.|
|26/10/2018| FoodChain beta release on temporary nodes.|
|26/10/2018| Migration of the traceability document repository of the Vietnam operations to the FoodChain.|
|30/10/2018| Migration of ongoing pilots to the FoodChain.|
|15/10/2018| Masternode sleection and legal onboarding (KYC, contracting).|
|12/11/2018| Masternode technical onboarding/setup.|
|22/11/2018| Contracted, but not yet published pilots will be implemented in the FoodChain.|
|22/12/2018| All Vietnam operations data will be migrated to the FoodChain.|