KEYCO is mostly known for their KEYCO Bot, a Telegram bot that allows you to send and receive funds without leaving your chat application. Masternodes require a collateral of 1,000 KEC.

Recently they implemented World Cup betting into their application, making it very easy to place bets within Telegram. After choosing a match to bet on, we can see the odds for the different outcomes.


Because we like to minimize risk and want to see how it works, we place 3 KEC (~1 USD) on France and England as well. When we ask to review our bets, the following list appears, and we can click on it to see more information about the bet.


After celebrating our 'big win' on France, the match is now available in our bet history, and our wins are deposited into the account.


Sports betting turns out to be an excellent use-case for a Telegram Bot, and we can't wait to see what other 'bots' the different masternode projects are working on to make specific activities easier.