This release is a rundown of the major milestones our Premium Buzz Backer, Altbet, reached in 2019. is a revolutionary online mutual betting platform based on an original cryptocurrency (ABET) that allows you to place bets on your favorite betting sectors with the Altbet coin (ABET) and in consequence, to rapidly multiply your crypto-wealth.

Altbet started 2019 by unveiling its first-quarter roadmap to members of its community. Some of the highlights include the release of at least 2 mini-games, wallet updates, the launch of a second platform, exchange listings, and marketing campaigns. To a large extent, the Altbet team recorded significant progress in achieving these goals last year.

The project also sealed several partnership deals and exchange listings. Altbet got listed on STEX, BIRAKE, and StakeCube exchanges last year. Other integration on masternode monitoring platforms and hosting services include listings on ZCore, Monitor, Crypto Masters,, MyCryptoStats,, MyCoinExplorer, Panda-bots, Flits,, 4stake, and Simple PoS Pool. It also worth adding that in September, Altbet partnered with foremost masternode news site, Masternode Buzz.

Altbet's website has receive several design upgrades over the last few months. The result is a sleeker and more responsive design featuring a horizontal scroll.

In October, the team faced a major setback in the form of an exploit. Around 6,000,000 ABET was stolen by a hacker. To solve the problem, the team decided to take a snapshot of the blockchain at block 84,000 and increase the max supply by a x10 multiplier. This did not entirely solve the problem of the blockchain which led to a migration to a new chain in December.

The new chain is based on the PIVX 3.4 fork and instead of increasing the swap ratio, Altbet opted to reduce it by x10, thus, reducing the coin supply.