Exciting news for investors in blockchain project, Horizen (ZEN); the company has announced that users can now secure their ZEN in Cool Wallet S. Cool Wallet S is a cold-storage hardware wallet and is allegedly the world’s first and only “mobile hardware wallet”, supporting both Android and iPhone operating systems.

Hardware wallets have been praised for being one of the most secured forms of cryptocurrency wallets. This is definitely a plus to the security feature of Horizen. The Horizen team in an official blog post stated why they opted to choose Cool Wallet S as a hardware storage option for ZEN. They noted that Cool Wallet S is mobile optimized, secured, user-friendly, and durable. This makes a lot of sense considering the fact that Horizen is working towards the mass adoption of ZEN. Users can securely store and access their funds with the help of their mobile devices wherever they go.

In addition to Cool Wallet S, Horizen is already integrated with Xeeda and Ledger hardware wallets. Variety is the spice of life after all.

To cap it all up, we cannot forget the Horizen store. Horizen fans should look out for a custom design of the Cool Wallet S which will soon be available on the store.

Source Horizen Blog