Congratulations to Zcoin on their listing on DigiFinex, a top-5 global crypto exchange. The privacy-centric coin confirmed their listing on Twitter, stating:

We are happy to be listed on Digifinex, one of the world's leading exchange with a BTC and ETH pair. Deposits will be open on 15th April and trading/withdrawal will be open from the 16th April.

Zcoin’s listing on DigiFinex will further increase the utility and accessibility of the cryptocurrency. Earlier in March, we reported their listing on Trust Wallet, the official wallet of Binance.

With regards to price actions, Zcoin does not appear to have reacted to this news. Bitcoin and other altcoins have been down following the recent bull run and Zcoin has also recorded some negative price action with the rest of the crypto market.

Source: CoinMarketCap
Zcoin (XZC) is an open source, decentralized privacy coin that focuses on achieving privacy and anonymity for its users while transacting on the blockchain. It is the first full implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, which allows users to have complete privacy over their transactions via zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs.