Zcoin could not hold their excitement as they allegedly become the first blockchain project to host a large-scale blockchain-based political election. They tweeted:

We are proud to announce that Zcoin's $XZC blockchain was used in what we believe to be the world's first large scale use of blockchain technology in a political election with >127,000 voters from all over Thailand.

It is exciting to see blockchain solutions find use cases in traditional systems. Between November 1 and 9 of the same month, there was an upsurge in the number of transactions happening on Zcoin’s blockchain; hundreds to thousands of transactions went on the blockchain within the said timeframe. Upon further probing the team believes that Thailand’s oldest political party, the Thai Democrat Party used their blockchain in their just concluded primary election.

The voting process attracted a total of 127,479 votes from all across Thailand. The leadership of the party thought it wise that in order to have a free, fair, transparent, and immutable election, blockchain was to be used. They settled for Zcoin’s public blockchain, and all the election mechanisms were vetted by candidates, IT experts, as well as the Thai Election Commission.

Interestingly, despite the large number of votes collated from all over Thailand, final results were ready in less than 12 hours.