Earlier in March, we reported that Zcoin was introducing a new protocol to replace its Zerocoin (privacy) protocol. Zcoin has announced that the new protocol, Sigma is available for public testing. Developers and members of the community are encouraged to try out Sigma and report any possible errors or bugs.

Sigma is meant to solve two primary problems associated with the Zerocoin protocol – trusted setups and RSA accumulators which generate large prime numbers.

The Sigma protocol will introduce a “no trusted setup”, eliminating toxic waste. Spend proof sizes will be reduced from 25 kB to 1.5 kB. Elliptic curves groups will be replacing RSA accumulators, ultimately leading to faster verification time.

The team has however given a warning, noting that:

Please be careful and do not run the Testnet binaries without the testnet flag as this may corrupt your current wallet.
Although we are eager to release Sigma on mainnet as soon as possible, we want to ensure it gets proper testing and audits. The very earliest transition to mainnet would be in 6 weeks provided no major issues crop up. Your feedback is invaluable!